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My dogs at the Kern River (play with volume)

Put some music to these great shots of the dogs by the river

Featuring Emy who turned 94

Check out this great video featuring Emy, a lovely lady I met in Valencia, CA


"As the Deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God."     - Psalm 42:1-

Helpful tips for improving sound

Bow technique

-Keep all fingers curved and rounded, touch all finger tips to thumb to check roundness and relax.

-Fill up bathtub or use water source to drag arm and hand through slowly mimicking bow strokes; note the way your fingers elongate as you pull an up bow through the water and curve as your arm is pulled into a gentle down bow.

-Also take notice how your wrist reacts when relaxed through the water. Apply this technique when bow is on the string maintaining a natural curve of all fingers.

-Think of the bow as an extension of your arm. The deeper your grip on the bow, the more control you have. Whereas, a grip using only the fingertips would lack control of sound and stroke. One way to do this is to see two sets of ridges on your hand. The first ridge is close to your fingertips when your palm is face up. Most players tend to use this first ridge as a contact point. I encourage students to create contact with the second ridge on the bow. (the ridge that sits on the lower half of your fingers)

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  • I enjoy playing hymns

A bit of background

Embrace Your Passion


I grew up in cold Northeast Oregon, where I graduated high school in 2010. With the help of my parents enrolling me in private lessons, I pursued music to my greatest potential.  After High School, my passion for music grew, and I attended the Masters College to learn more about music through sound editing (also referred to as audio technology). 

After gaining a greater knowledge about the mixing board and Sound flow, I began to form my own music into tracks, which compiled together, established my first original music CD.  We're still in the process of recording and mastering, but I hope to see final production soon.  A big thanks to Bakersfield Recording Studio located locally.

Live Life in Song


House parties, romantic dinners, weddings, lessons, and session work are just a few of the venues I've played in Southern California.  During my time at The Master's College, I sought relationships with folks in Santa Clarita to teach and cater events. My playing at Valencia's Westfield Mall, brought me the opportunity to write music for The Have and the Have Nots. I am expanding and now playing events all over the Southern California.

Be Inspired By Everything


I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don't give a second glance.


Here's a recent video I shot.

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Funky farm fiddling

Check out this great video

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Here's a video of me with a family party in Bakersfield


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